• Natalie Olsen

How to Dress Your Boo Thang!

Coordinating outfit can be very stressful and time consuming! If you have a picky husband (like I do) its hard to find any type of outfit. You can choose the perfect outfit set, only to have to start all over again because the man won't wear a dang sweater!

I always (like 95% of the time) get asked these questions right after booking... "So what should we wear?" or "What looks best in the camera/pictures?" "Can you help me? I can't decide what looks good on me." We've all been there! Good news I am a photographer and willing to help!

Let's start with colors! When picking out outfits, you want to make sure you choose colors that will compliment not only your own skin tones, but also other colored shirts/pants/etc. For example: browns, tans, and golds or blacks, greys, and silver are usually paired together and compliment each other well. Once you have the scheme of things down you can add a "pop" of color in like maroon or forest green for example.

Patterns!!! Try your absolute best to stick with one pattern. Multiple patterns can clash and seem too busy in a picture. In my opinion, solids look best on everyone and in photos. For example: If your spouse wants to wear a plaid flannel, find yourself a nice soild-colored blouse or sweater to match that flannel.

Picking a solid color together... if y'all are both wanting to wear a solid color then go for it!! A dark brown shirt and soft creamy sweater would look killer together!

Adding texture can help you and your signifcant other pull together a great look. A knitted sweater with a smooth cotton sweater is the best way I can describe it. Basically if the material feels different it will look different in photos. I LOVE LOVE different textures in pictures! It allows everyone to stand out in their own way, but still blend together nicely.

Quick dos and don'ts:

  • - NO PRINTS!!! Hard pass! It will look extremely cheap and you want to show your best self in an image.

  • - Always try to wear pants!! No shorts, even if its 90 degrees outside. It tends to look a bit tacky.

  • - Ladies remember those nails if you want a nice ring picture!

  • - Glasses are ok, but not recommended because of glare.

  • -Shoes: Heels, tennis shoes, sandals, barefoot...you name it they'll all look great! Just remember your location. Heels may not be the best if we're hiking to a pretty spot. So bring a change of shoes to hike with if need be.

The most important advice I can give as a friend and a photographer is that this about you and your boo thang. The one you're head over heels for and can't get enough of. This is not about the clothes you two are wearing! I hope this can help take the pressure off of finding the "perfect outfit". Don't hesitate to reach out to your photographer if you have any questions.

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